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Exclamation Tournament - Rules - Please Read

Alright, these are the rules for Tournaments:

- All tournaments will either be decided by M (Me ), or someone will start up a thread with the following structure containing info on the "tournament idea" they have:

Tournament Idea - (8 person or 16 person)

- If you want to suggest a tournament, there cannot be any more than 2 tournaments currently taking place. Also, you have to state how many people they will be (in title) and then what the theme will be for each round, and any other additional info (noobies), (advanced), (Polygons only, etc).

- In tournaments, each round will be 1 week to 3 weeks.

- The first 2 tournaments will be organised by M (Me ), and then after that it will either be me or your requests .

- If a Tournament Idea is passed, then I will set up the sign up thread, that will look like below:

Tournament #1 - Sign up thread

- If it is a 8 person tournament, after the first 8 people to post to say they want to join, get in (with exceptions if someone has a reputation to not follow through, or they do not meet the rules).

- The tournament will not be started until all of the competators to fit the size of the tournament have joined. If enough competators cannot be aquired over a 1-2 week period, then the tournament size will be reduced in size.

- I will then choose randomly the order the competators fit into the tournament ladder. Once this is done I will set up forms in the following fashion (based on a 8 person tournament):

Tournament #1 - Competator1, Competator2
Tournament #1 - Competator3, Competator4
Tournament #1 - Competator5, Competator6
Tournament #1 - Competator7, Competator8

- Each one of these threads will be originally set up by M (Me ), and with a ladder image as the first post, the 2 competators in that thread can start to compete.

- At the ending time of each round, The moderators will judge the battlers and figure out the people who continue to the next round.

- Each new round has a new theme to go with it.

- On slight occasions will there be a 32 person tournament, that is quite large.

- Your final image for each round say "FINAL RENDER" along with the image.

- The Final Winner will receive Points (maybe, thats kevins decision)
- The final Winner will receive a Badge .
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