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# 1 07-08-2002 , 02:25 PM
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Part 1 & 2 of the VIP hand Modeling Tutorial

This tutorial covers a the first 2 movies of a 3 part hand modeling tutorial!

You will learn how to build the hand from scratch - manipulate CV,s - use full and partial creases, detaching and attaching sub division surfaces and loads more

The hand tutorial is about 45 mins long in all so although I didnt have time to take it to as a point where I was really happy with, it will get you well on your way....


1. Download part 1 of the hand tutorial movie here 15 mg (23 mins)

2. Download part 2 of the hand tutorial movie here 12 mg (17 mins)


You will need winzip to unzip the movie and the latest windows media player