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# 7 07-08-2002 , 10:00 PM
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no mate, no less attention paid to this area at all, I just wanted to show this tut to you guys as a lot have asked about hand modeling..

thing is, i cant put large tutorials like this up in the free section to often, as we have had 6,500 downloads of the free tutorials and this one is like 51 mins long...

that many people downloading this tut would kill the server so we would all suffer due to the server working overtime!

so now and again its ok, but generally the free ones will be smaller in size... as where if there are vips paying....those are the guys kepping the site up so hence the bigger and more invovled tutorials in there section... this site has 4 servers running it, so the cost is very big

i know 9.95 pounds may seem a lot to you and i wouldnt want to justify the cost... but 1 book would cost me 30-40 pounds... and 2 movies from blockbusters a month would cost me 7 pounds.... well you get my point mate

so for the movies and information that is available in the vip area is well worth it in my opinion... but i hear you mate, and i am gratefull for your comments.