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To be honest that does "sound" like alot of money and remember this is one guys opinion but before the VIP section opened up I went out and bought the Maya fundamentals book and the quick start guide and to be perfectly honest The information I have gotten just off the tuts in the vip section has made these books almost obsolete..I'm not saying the books are bad or that you can't learn from them, it's just that the tuts are very well made and are very easy to understand...again to be honest I don't think I would have bought the books if the vip section would have been up..some people learn better by text I seem to be one that learns better "over the shoulder" you are looking at $100 just for the books and thats alot of trial and error where as the tutorials you get literaly what you seeuser added image not to mention if you have a problem with the book who are you going to call? With the SimplyMaya site you just ask and 15 people will answer youuser added image
anyway thats my opioion take it for what its worthuser added image

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