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thanks for the cred M, probably more than i deserved looking back. but i actually have some relevent questions for once.

1) Are non-maya programs allowed in SM tournements like Bryce, LightWave, 3D Studio Max, And the many others?

2) Are "Final Renders" allowed to be edited in Paint Shop Pro, Or Photoshop(any 2d editing program)?

3) Are we allowed any help on the projects? (Say messeging a friend online or talking to a family member to get someone elses opinion on things?) (i dont see why this would be an issue. it woudl kinda be like C&C. but just incase.

4) Are we allowed to have out of tournement help? Such as a 3d modeling friend, not in the tournement, helps make part of your project(not all or most), and you submit it? As long as you give notice saying you got help from said person. (this i think will most likely be against the rules... just posted it so noone can come back later saying it wasnt in the rules , always good to look ahead).

5) You covered this a little in your rules. but let me get this strait. After the first 2 tournements. if i come up with say a 4-6-8 person tournement. and theres no other oging on aat the time. am i allowed to declare myself the judge for it? But for fairness sake i woudl not participate because of conflicting interest.

um.. i could prolly come up with some more questions but i dont want to have a small novel of questions. lol. but ill get some more later and space them out
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