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i kinda get what your saying and it sounds like a good idea to me. Sorry i always seem to be a pain, i always bilieve in questioning authority, or they may just try and get away with something. If their actions are being monitored, no foul play. I know it can get anoying... sorry in advance.

So your thnking of maybe a checksum list? like 10 catagories with 0-10 points per catogory(would be easiest) if you need any help on idea or catogories i can always help. I have a lot of time on my hands sinse i broke my leg.

If you want soe catogories could be things like originality, texturing, smoothness, though(put into the ebject), model(how well it came out of course), final product, and some others...

Then a list stating your over all points for each person would make it a lot cleaerer as to why each person got what they did.

Just a thought unless i misinterpreted your idea.(innocent look)
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