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Twisted, yea the people that cant judge wont. We are going to far into this, as it will still be a while until we would ever get something like this up. Im not even sure (once again stating) that we could do that. Anyways, leaving judging in the hands of members at times do not work out, as it seems sometimes the people will just follow the others in their decisions. Anyways, if this does happen.. it wont go into too much detail and another thing is that for a tournament thats a modelling competition.. originality should be a small small factor, or not in there at all.. seeing that the challenge is to model something, doesnt matter if you drew it, or anything like that. It definately helps and is wonderful if you did.. just when i model something i dont pick it on originality.. as if i knew something that was the most popular thing out, or hasnt been heard about for 10 years, all that matters to me is that its a challenge that i need to take. This month i made that digimon, not because i knew of it.. because i just searched around.. and set guidelines for the model i wanted to make.. i was mentally saying.. im looking for a baby looking critter that is short with big feet and arms along with a big head, i also wanted something that was organic. I found all of that in the digimon.. so therefore that states that originality is great and all for getting a job, but not for the challenges here at SM. If you disagree tell me why, but i feel that for the modelling aspect it truly doesnt matter if you use a premade character or not, just everything from the moment you touch that maya window it has to be YOU. Anyways, hope the surgery goes well . Cya.
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