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Thumbs up EXPRESSIONS FOR ALL! (knowledge tidbits)

Sorry to break-in mind-raper, but I'm making this thread STICKY so it will always be at the top for everyone to learn from!

Post your particle/dynamics EXPRESSIONS here for everyone to learn from!

Please write a little "how-to" along with your expression, so we will all know how to try it, and experiment with applying it to our dynamics/particle scenes!

Thanks all!

THREAD STARTS HERE first post by mind_raper
here's a little nice expression to .. colorize you particles system,
i have learnd it from gnomon workshop well its really good & ...
is very simply

first from general options add per particle attribute
the rightclick---> write creation expression::

take ur your are particle shape node (particleShape1) and add per particle attiribute (rgbPP)
and then assign a random value b/w (minVector i.e <<.3,5,7>>) and (maxVector i.e <<.5,7,1>>).

select the render type streaks or multi-streaks or what ever u want check on the color Accum button and the lightining button too

play around the values to see different color effects...

particleShape1.rgbPP = rand(<<.3,5,7>>,<<.5,7,1>>);

hope u find it usefull
enjoy - -> :banana:
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