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local and global variables ??


i have declared a string variable and create scrollListBox and named to that varible
and in -c flag named procedure "abc" of a button

now in procedure "abc"
i want to query some info from that early scrollListbox that is equals to string variable in my thougt

but maya gives error that undefined variable

is it some global or local variable declaration prob.

then how to use UI controls info in procedures..

here is my case:

// declare variables

string $a = "window";
string $b = "layout";
string $c = "scrollListBox";

// some window creation commands here that i deleted ...

textScrollList -w 100 -h 100 -append "None" -selectCommand "updateChar" $c;

button -l "Refresh" -w 55 -c "refreshChar";


// procedures
proc refreshChar()

textScrollList -e -removeAll $c;
textScrollList -e -append "None" $c;
// why maya is not recognising $c here .. how to fix this plz user added image

thnx in advance


u can do it