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Mental Ray OS X Issues(Batch Render)

Hey everyone, possible n00b issue again. When rendering in Os X with the Batch Renderer(via the command line, as indicated in the mental ray readme.) And this is the result:

[Dual125:~] kaylor% mayarender_with_mr -file "Users/kaylor/airship.mb" -proj "Users/kaylor/Documents/maya/projects/default"
Starting render...
Command: /Applications/AliasWavefront/maya5.0/bin/maya -batch -file Users/kaylor/airship.mb -proj Users/kaylor/Documents/maya/projects/default -command mrBatchRender_v5
mental ray for Maya 5
bundle ref 0x86529c0
mental ray: version, 27 Feb 2003
mental ray: compiled on: Mac OS 10.1.5 PPC
mental ray: wallclock 0:00:00.58 total
mental ray: CPU user 0:00:00.30 total
mental ray: allocated 1 KB, max resident 0 KB
cat: /Users/kaylor/Library/Preferences/AliasWavefront/maya/5.0/mayaRenderStdout.txt: No such file or directory
rm: /Users/kaylor/Library/Preferences/AliasWavefront/maya/5.0/mayaRenderStdout.txt: No such file or directory
[1] 694
Rendering complete.
[Dual125:~] kaylor%

It does all of this in about a second or three. Followed by a blank renderlog.txt opening. Anyone have any ideas?