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first - you could prepare the images beforehand as best as possible. so that they are already in the same scale - so you dont need to stretch the image. then it is probably a good idea to mark the exact middle in the picture. that makes the aligning in maya a lot easier.

if you dont want to mess with the numbers - you can use a simple trick. maybe not as elegant as xsi. but you go to the image plane - say "atached to camera" and use the regular pan of the camera - til the cross (if you added it to the image before) align up with the origin. the problem now is that if you switch back to "fixed" the image plane will jump back to the origin. but here comes the workaround. you say fixed anyway, but leave the camera in the position it was and load 2 attribute editors (e.g. with copy tab) - and you copy and paste the translate x and translate z (for the top view) to the center of the image plane. and then you can move the cam again - and the image plane is still in place.

hope that helps user added image

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