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expert help here!

hi! i just benchmark my maya 4.5 (linux and windows)

for windows (win2k sp3 detonator 40.72)

for linux (rh 7.3 maya4_5-4.5-90 xfree 4.2.0 (come with redhat 7.3) nvidia glx 4363) (kernel i686 bigmem)

hardware pentium 3 933 1280M(pc-133) quadro2 mxr tuv4x (bios pnp off) (4x agp all optimization in bios) (both os in 1 harddisk sperate partition, NTFS and ext3fs) no swapfiles.

well i used the (found at highend3d) to benchmark my system, i made a couple of benchmark in command line and batch renders(gui) it seems that win2k is faster than a linux system with a default kernel mem, then i tried to recompile my kernel (cause i couldn't believe) but still no lack win2k is still faster (about 10 - 30) sec (command , gui respectedly)

anyone can give some nice suggestion about this?