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problems selecting camera to batch render


I'm going through a tutorial in the book Maya 4 Fundamentals (Chapter 4 - the boat animation). When I batch render, it renders both the perspective view and the camera view, so that it is taking twice as long. I only want it to render the camera view.

In trying to troubleshoot it, I've found that if I set the Camera in the Render Globals to "persp (Renderable)", if I exit the Render Globals and come back into it again, the Camera has changed back to "BoatCameraShape (Renderable)".

I've also just found that if I load the finished tutorial file off the CD-ROM that none of the cameras have that "(Renderable)" after them in the Render Globals. What does that "(Renderable)" mean ? If I create a camera it doesn't have it after, so how do I get rid of that from the perspective view and the camera ?



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