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cli win2k fastest 3:01 mins, 3:05 (repeated many times)
gui win2k 3:06 - 3:11 (repeated many times)

cli no x linux 3:13 - 3:17 (repeated many times)
x kde - 3:21 - 3:40 (repeated many times)

i'm planning for a rebenchmarking again, i have already formatted my drives, and some little tweaking, and im all set, and maybe i'll post the render logs here, hope i really made a mistakes, cause i know linux must be better againt windows when it comes to rendering, cause linux can be optimized and scalable,(renderfarms) , and i have read some articles in the net that claiming maya linux is better than win(sort of like that) " Thanks in part to Maya, Linux is becoming the technical desktop of choice for the film industry. "

but i can't really make a conclusion, haven't tried it on a different hardware, but for now i'll just rebenchmark again my newly format setup system system, and i'm hoping that this time linux will win,

and guys, any good maya tweaks or system tweaks that i can add, before i make the test, (will render tom. evening.) thankx

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