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I'm not worried about overall size - thats the easy part, UEd has a drawscale attribute for that.

I'm griping about moving parts of the model around to get the shape right. If the whole model is say 16 units wide, and some feature on the object needs to fit with other objects to buil larger structures, it needs to be a specific size in relation to the overall model size - ie have the right proportions. You can't acheive that by dragging things with the mouse and not using a grid-> it might look like 24 units, but it might be 24.073874832 or 23.99034734. I'm so used to UEd - to do what I want in Ued you just select the vertices, right click the one in the selection you want to snap to the grid, and drag them where you want. MAYA seems not to have that feature unless you either have it at work or spend $6000 on a recent version. Neither is an option for me. Its daft that the version they supply with UT2003 (thats how I got PLE) makes things like this so difficult since they are needed so often for precise polygon placement.