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Wow, I never actually thought this thread would catch on. fantastic replies to all of you. I wonder why people would actually preffer a CGI program that doesn't have a very well designed user structure. I now beileve it's better for me to use maya instead of the others.

Mike, you really have valid point about not having any spaceship looking things in a portfolio, and it makes sence, but since this site is for all Maya users ( and soon to be ) to get together and show off their work, how about some sci-fi models for fun. One doesn't have to include them in a portfolio, just do some for the love of it. I personally get tired of seeing common everday things being modeled and displayed most of the time. I think it would liven up things from a certain perspective to see more really cool stuff . The A.M.Y robot dog ( I think that was it's name ) from the movie "Red Planet" that was submitted on this site in the gallery was very refreshing to see.