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Need image of a city building rooftop.

Ok, I know this is going to sound weird, but I'm looking for someone who lives in or close to a city. I need this person to take a digital picture of a rooftop of a very tall building. Basically, I'm too lazy to go all the way to Lexington (closest city in my area), can't find a decent image on Google, and don't want to spend the time making a rooftop scene in Maya. Yes I know - I'm pathetic.

What needs to be in the image:
1) I must be able to see some of the flooring (the ground) of the rooftop.
2) It would be great if there were other buildings in the background.
3) The ledge going around the perimeter of the rooftop needs to be visible.
4) It needs to be taken in day-time, not at night.
5) Any other objects that appear naturally on the rooftop are ok, but I need the majority (or at least the center of the image) to be empty as far as the space between you and the ledge is concerned.

Why do I need this image? Because I'm doing a simple composite of a few seperate images that need to be overlapped onto an image of a rooftop.

Thanks to whoever can help me.

*edit* - the image needs to be around 1280x960 or a little bigger. NO COMPRESSING OF THE IMAGE! I need this file to be sent directly to If you post it onto this thread, I'll have to save it in MS Paint b/c Photoshop is not on this computer, which will compress the image. I need a high res image. Also, no progressive jpegs please. Make sure it's not over 1.3 MG's too.

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