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Blend Shape Body Parts

I am not sure how one can do this so I thought I'd ask! Thing is I have noticed that when most people do blend shape they have modeled the head of their character in a fashion so that it can be a separate group of polys i.e. the head pokes out form the neck and the join is hidden by the collar.

So when you do blend shape all you gotta do is duplicate the head and create the morph and then blend shape them. This keeps the file size down and is easier to manage.

Now two of the characters that I have made in Maya are one object (they have no shirts on and are absolutely naked user added image ) and I cannot separate the head unless I physically cut it off and then I would have to parent it with the rest of the body for animations. But I would be able to do blend shape in the manner suggested above.

Can anyone enlighten me on the best way to do this with naked characters - do you do it like I said above or is there another way?

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