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Hi gazzamataz,
I've never constructed the head and body as one piece the way you did. I haven't tried to create blend shapes on a single geometry character. I am, however, familiar with the blend shape procedure. It seems to me that you will need to separate the head from the body in order to avoid the nightmare that you are staring down. The blend shape action is touchy in every software. You should create separate low res copies of each head and make very distict morph changes to each head. If you try to do the blend shape procedure with a single geometry, you will have to be sure not to change anything but the morph -- just as if the head were separate. The problem that you will run into will be when you go to deform and animate the rest of the body. It seems to me that those changes would interfere with the blends. Its just logical and I may be wrong but I don't know of any workaround to overcome that problem. I also have a totally naked character made from one structure with the exception of the head. If you are concerned about the seam that will occur where the head meets up with the rest of the geometry, you can handle it with the textures on the head and body and the filters that you can adjust to minimize the contrast. Trust me, depending on the tessilation, it shouldn't be noticible. Good luck, I hope this helps. Let me know.