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garments and animation

Hi guys,
what is the deal with cloth garments. I ran the simulation and I had really no idea about when to interupt the process. What is a typical local simulation time? Do we need to have a "run up" that covers the entire length of a scene? I can't seem to delete cloth objects and the seams and start over with the panels because when I go to "make garment" again, I get the message that the 'panel already has a sticher attached.' I tried to delete the connection in the hypergraph and that seemed to do the trick but, when I tried to run the simulation again, it gave me a really weird response, the gravity took over the garment and it deformed out of sight. I deleted the cache too. What is the deal. And another thing, do we need to bind the garments to the bones just like skinning? There doesn't seem to be a lot of text regarding cloth and garments. Thanks!