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This is slightly off topic, but I recently heard that the White House is fixing to censer all the negativity that is going on in Iraq ( troops being killed ect). The first thing that is said to have allready been done is stopping all the media coverge of the funerals for our troops that have lost their lives over in Iraq. The White House was qouted saying that they only wanted the media to cover the good things that are going over there. It seems that the troops still here in the U.S. don't want to go over there because of the U.S. kill ratio going on in Iraq due to land mines and suicide bombers.

Personally, I have'nt heard anything good happening over there since Saddam was ran out. With the presidents popularity dwindling down ever more so as the months pass by, im not surprised to see this happening. Heh, he's really tring to get is ratings back up.

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