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lets make this thread as un-religious as possible (as all form of governments should be),plz....

Voting IS USEFUL. Agreed, politicians are for the most part if not all ASSHOLES. Yes, all of them will steal and favour to whomever they please. BUT they are oblighed on a minimum of achievements on certain directons based on their political alignment, so your vote can influence on the whole picture by steering the govenmento the left or right.
Right won by only a "seat?/chair?"(escaƱo), and it was because when left won on january right bought two chairmans to preclude left from forming government on madrid (im talking about local elections on the capital).
You had to see the evil grin on the face of Esparanza Aguirre (the stupid(not an insult just a correctly placed adjective) woman who now won) when the two chairmans just didnt showed up on the voting for making govenment (they were banished from the left wing party afterwards as there was proof of connection with right wing belonging bulding companys CEOs, but (manly because it was the right wing party who nominated the judges(as it is on power now) no proof of bribery...

Thus madrid has gone "ungoverned" until yesterday when we repeated the local elections, where right won as indecised left voters simply abstained on the basis that after what happened who cares/or that they lost whatever little hope they had on the govenment.

I voted left, even if i didnt liked the candidate much. They are all centered economical neoclasics but left is on the side of helping alliviate the speculation of the building market (wich after 4 years of right government is rampant) while right just wanted to quit a tax that mostly affected the very rich people... well builders will be happy, they have 4 years more of doing whatever they please and speculate unfettered... (now a home in madrid is expensiver than in NY... so cheers...)

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