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# 13 28-10-2003 , 11:07 AM
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Witchy, im not attacking you or trying to convince you to something different of any sort..all im saying is, open your mind to other possibilities

I said you make a great many assumptions, not great big ones. As you have no idea what I think on this subject I am not sure how you would know whether I need to open my mind or not, or that I consider only biased media led opinion, or that I think any differently from you, or indeed that you are the only one whose mind is 'open to other possibilities'. You don't know what my opinion is. You assume you know what I think about a subject as wide as this from one comment I made implying the Matrix films are about as deeply philosophical and relevant to life as a dead squashed dog.

You assume your evidence is unbiased and that my opinion might differ from yours. Interesting assumptions but assumptions all the same. And while your opinions on the UN are interesting I am sure, I am not sure how they relate to Iraq, as the UN are not the primary force operating there and never have been.