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Witchy: I dont understand why you "seem" mad at the first place..or maybe not...maybe I felt something different with your choice of words..And I know I made a general saying when I said U.N., because I didnt want to list all the majorities who are pro-into this whole war...So SORRRY then..Sorry for even using about JFK...oh no wait that is a movie too..cant compare it to real life now..heh...alright alright, no more arguing and sarcasms..gotta stick to democracy subject.. Sorry Witchy man, dont be mad at me now, peace be with you and also with you user added image

Anyway Dragonfx, I never had big problems like yours in my govt before in the Philippines when I was there..But one thing that is really bad in the philippines is corruption..It is everywhere..Even the previous President Estrada got caught..tsk..Im glad I dont live there anymore..But then I feel i am somewhere worse..But its ok.

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