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"because i myself know alot of muslim people who know the real truth "

Well the muslim truth is even more distorted than US lies. Do you know how much bull shit propoganda goes in the muslim world????

I am not anti nor pro US but what do you expect US to do? Bottom line is this- USA is trying to do what is good for itself. USA is a modern empire. Empires do what is good for them and not what is good for others.
It's also basic human nature we are selfish in general (unless your name is mtmckinley).
Why the hell will US not support Israel for example. It's the only descent state in the region. What Israel is doing is called
pro-active defence. If the roles were reversed the palestenians would be 100 times more worse towards the Jews.
Goos or bad Palestenians have to accept reality and not come out with bull shit like "we will drive the Jews into the water" etc. If someone threatens me and holds a knife at me with intent to stab...sure as hell I am not gonna stick my head in the sand and talk peace.
For muslims it's easy to act the victim and shy away from putting there own houses in order.
Everywhere they have caused problems in recent times and in the past as well. If I was muslim I would do bit of self analysis.
I mean there must be something wrong with the religion if they can't co-exist with any other religion?
Chechnya, Middle east, India/Kashmir, USA, UK, Indonesia/East timor, Pakistan....
I mean they can't be the victim everywhere can they? Sure there are 2 sides to every coin but the problem with Islam is that they only see there side of the coin ;-)
USA does lot of dirty things.....but man when has the world ever been perfect???? Why are we aiming for a perfect world when we know that it only exists in the human imagination.
I preffer an US empire (with UK tagging along) over a French, German, Chinese or Muslim empire any day.

Using the word jihad has become a pass time for lot of muslims. Are there not any muslim intellectual with sense? Yes there are but they can't raise there voice without fear of persecution.


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