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Mikes right, blocky-ness isnt a problem in poly modelling with maya. Maya has a great smooth and triangulation function that really smooths out the poly. Even with low poly you can smooth your normals and look good. If you cant handle the high amount of geometry on your pc, when your finishing your model, try converting to sub-D instead of smooth. This brings tensellation into your geometry so that its only calculated in the render. If that still doesnt float your boat, then try Nurbs surfaces. when stitched properly they give the best results for high resolution animation and stills. But, be warry, Nurbs are not something you can handle on the fly. it takes a lot more patience to plan, model and perfect your surfaces. Most people who don't need to do heavy duty print media like me, find that nurbs are too much work for what you get. But, i like the challenge.

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