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First of all, I usually give controls names rather than rely on the ones that maya assigns. Makes life a lot easier user added image

Anyway, in your myProc you have defined $rButton twice. Also you're missing some parenthesis and whatnot in your radioButtonGrp -edit line...

This should work:
global proc myProc(string $rButton)
	int $nameButton;
	$nameButton = `radioButtonGrp -q -sl $rButton`;
	print $nameButton;

global proc TestGUIscript()
	string $rButton;
	string $window = `window -wh 400 500 -title "Radio Test"`;
	rowLayout -nc 3;
	text " ";
	$rButton = `radioButtonGrp -numberOfRadioButtons 2 -label1 "Hierarchical" -label2 "Alphabetical"`;
	radioButtonGrp -edit -onCommand ("myProc(\"" + $rButton + "\")") $rButton;
	showWindow $window;

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