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subdiv > polygon - split polygon doesn't work?

hey all,
i made a subd model of a kitty, converted to polygons, deleted the poly (the big cage lookin thing) from the outliner and now am left with subdTess1 as my model. when i go to make finer adjustments to the model, using split polygon tool, it doesn't seem to work. in the command feedback box it comes up seeming like it split alright (says result: polySplit1 as usual) but the changes aren't there. no more faces, no more edges, just seems like it didn't work. just to see if i was crazy i decided to see if extrude edge/extrude face don't work either, thinking maybe you just are stuck with changes after you delete the poly and lave the subdTess model, but they do, so there must be something up with the split poly tool or something, has this happened to anyone else? anyone able to come up with a fix?


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