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ok ok, now we come somewhere. you want a window, that is constantly open like AE, but it shows all keyable things with buttons (not only the rotate and scale, i thought my "..." where clear to include all, but did not want to write all down here just making example that due to place reasons in the window there will be no "translate x" but "tx" - and no "selection handle" but "sh")

and the buttons are orange if the key is set and if you push the button, it deletes the key and button becomes grey and if you push again you set the key and button becomes orange.

that can be done even easier than the tool i wanted to create - but i suggest a button that updates the state of the window - as constant update whenever you change your selection might kill performance if you have the window open always. another drawback - if only some of the selection has a key, then it say, that RX is keyed, even if not all selected things have keys there - but if you want to be sure that the whole selection has the same keys set, you could just click a attribute twice (first unsetting all keys that were set, and then setting every keys for all objects in selection).

edit: oh right i just reread - and you wanted the update automatically - i will try to do that - must be possible somehow :d

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