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Maybe a challenge where we are to incorperate several items into an animation. We would have to make a quick model, a quick scene, include some neat particle effect(s), include some dynamic effects, and obviously animate it all; a little of everything. You will be judged on your creativeness to use each effect in your animation mainly. The trick will be to make it all fit together just right so it looks like it's all supposed to go together.

With all of these things in one animation, it would be sort of dificult to keep the animation short, so I don't know if this is such a good idea. I was thinking maybe 20-30 seconds of animation. I don't know how everyone else feels about downloading files this size, especially us 56k'ers, but I'm all for downloading movies of stuff if it's from SM and is interesting to watch. lol

I'm willing to host a *few* movies on my website. Also, I don't think I'll feel like uploading the same movie from the same person more than twice a week unless there is SIGNIFICANT improvements that must be seen.

Anyway, that's my little idea.
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