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Default Applying to materials to a car?

For my school semester, I have to create and realise a postapocalyptic car. Now I want to apply two materials to it: A blinn for the shiny metallic colour of the car, and a texture of some moss and dirt on top.
The problem is, that if I place the texture on the "color" attribute of the Blinn, it removes the Blinn and replaces it with the transparant Dirt and Moss.

I tried to use a Blinn and add the texture to the Defuse attribute, but then the moss/dirt is shiny as well and seems to be painted on the car. I need the texture not reflecting, it must look like it's "burned" intro the car. I can use "CrazyBump" for specular maps and hightmaps.

Is it possible to apply 2 materials to 1 mesh?


PS: Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language.
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