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Birail 2 problem
Hi all
Weel, i am new to the whole Maya thing but i try to learn.

I got a Video tutorial where som1 is using the birail 2 tool to make a face. It was calles somthing like.. "Organic modeling a human head" or so..

Weel, thats my problem... i drawed all the curves and then "cutted "them on some places ....weel.. if u try my file with the face than you should knoow what i mean..

in the whole face that i made i can make only a few surfances... all other curves seem to be "boken" or so..

i chose the 2 profiles and than the 2 other things but it doses not make the surfance... why? som1 can please help me? I really want to know what i did wrong and how i can fix this...

i really dont want to remake the whole face again...

Ps: Sorry for my bad english... ^^;
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