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Multiple issues: Extrude deleting faces?!
Maya 2013
Win7, 64bit-updates are current.
4GB Ram

The first four days of use I had no issues. Day five and six? One new issue after another.
1) Occasionally, 'Extrude' will DELETE the face of what I'm working on. (Temper-mental)
2) Camera view cannot tumble to backside of object. New issue today.
3) Random critical error crashes.

All this happens with very simple geometry i.e. literally one or two boxes I just started working on. I'm not rendering, just simple modeling.

Tried: Repair, and reinstall via Maya. Also, uninstalled and reinstalled. Still having the same issues.

Memory is adequate, I have nothing else running. It is odd that the first several days of use I did have multiple programs running and had no issues with anything. Now? Nothing but issues.

Maybe I should go back to Sketchup?

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