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HELP!! Mental Ray and Xgen Fur
Hello all, if anyone can help me I would ever so much appreciate it.

I'm using Xgen fur in Maya 2015 on a tiger that I've textured and I've gotten the UV to drive the fur in preview but Mental Ray refuses to give me ANYTHING in the render... not even the grey default fur... Nada. I've followed the tutorial to a tee and a number of times over with no luck.

Another issue my friend is having with Mental Ray is that she can't even get Maya to recognize where Mental Ray is. We've reinstalled a massive amount of times, Maya even goes as far as updating Mental Ray to SP3 but it won't let us load it in the Plugin Manager because it simply doesn't see it. Everything is right where it should be and we've tried MEL scripts to "force" Maya to load it in with no success.

We're pretty desperate here and any help would be appreciated.
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