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Hiya Xander ,

first of all a really big and warm THX ! I was nearly to give it up.
It's so cool to see someone, I even don't know, taking such a lot of time and effort to write a tut for me. :bow:

Ok then - the good news : all is working :attn:
The bad news - it took forever..hehe
I had to read the post about a 100 times to keep up with You.

Two main things were ringing a bell in my head : Parenting into the joint hierachy and a 2nd joint chain. So i tried to made all the contols lighter. At the end i came up with a complete new thing. Thx to your "little" tut.

I drew a cv curve straight down, a single joint on top of it and used the IK Spline Handle Tool. With the offset value of the ik handle i can slide the Joints along the curve. Since the vertex were drawn with gridsnap it results in a perfect straight motion up and down.Then binding the lower part of the foot to the joint and parenting the curve to the joint (as you said, into the hierachy) which is bound to the upper part of the leg.

Got a little playblast

Thx again for Your help



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