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Well the second main reason is that I wanted to do something new. But thanks alot, I might be able to use that another time later.

And I felt that creating a human was something to big for me to begin with in zbrush thats why I wanted to make this snail.

Regarding the UV I think I will make 2 planar mappings and change them by hand so that they dont become to stretched. And then some cylindrical mappings on the "antennas" or whatever those things are.

It's kind of simply but as I will focus on normal map and displacement map I dont think I will have to make an advanced uv for the snail. Perhaps I will have to make some alpha but those would only be on the antennas anyway.

I think I will make the specularity map as a lighter color map.

I think I will start working with the shell after I'm fully complete with the main snail so to speak.

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