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Whatever these are called:
Inside there would be a cool environment; though I'm sure it isn't exactly a decorated, haha. But again, I haven't yet begun to really brainstorm yet. Just some ideas to get me going with more.

And, oh, well, I'm almost into my second year, haha.
Been rather busy with it though; I'm glad I'm doing it. Already learned a couple programs I wouldn't have ever gotten to know otherwise (UDK and 3DsMax)
So, it may mean I have less time to post here for now, but when I get through with it, I'll post as often as my little heart lets me, haha.

But, anyway, thanks for the link- those are a bit too polished and, well, uncreepy for me, haha; but it is certainly a good place for me to start.
I'll try to brainstorm some more tomorrow. Or rather, I will brainstorm more tomorrow.
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