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Ive never heard of the 'Aussie Bogan(?) couple... but I'm getting a wry kinda feeling you're on the right lines and know what Im talking about...

Ac/Dc wouldnt come into it at all from where im coming from! , but the stereotypical nature of the whole the thing is probably right on the money brilliant how these things translate

You'll have to help me out jay. The essex couple. Ok. The white stilletto shoes on the bird is the first thing that comes to mind. The thick Essex accent. Funny, the amount of kids doesnt come into it from my point of view. But the essex couple, kevin and tracy, is ...yeah. chewing gum chewing... boy in his racer car with alloy spokes and dayglo accessories... ...I wanta use the the word 'chav'...but thats gonna become an essay in, and of, itself.
Did Ali G make it to you 'ANZACS'?

And Jay...that'll learn ya. You put all that hard work into your thread. Stick some fluffy dice in, and you get all this!lol. Can't win can ya!

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