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5242880 bytes = ~5 megabytes

Take a look at your task manager when running the render. Is all of your memory being eaten up? If yes, then you'll need to change some things in your scene. Either that, or buy more memory.
It seems like this setting is useful:
Export objects on demand and allocate on Heap.
With those two the render seems to be running faster (even though it says it will be slower).
I couldn't check when the crashes happened, but with these settings it doesn't exceed 2.18 gb (out of 4)
3rd picture shows what might be the problem: My scene has these planets far away from the grid and 2 of the objects Sun and Jupiter are slowing down the movement in viewport when both are in the same view (picture 4).

So far it doesn't crash anymore. But I'm still worried about the viewport slight lag.
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