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My 2 cent on this ..... I normally don`t jump into the latest versions of Maya (plugin updates waiting to catch up mostly) but the mess that was 2017 I am so glad I did. 2017 had me jumping back to C4D for most of my modelling the last year or so but thats going to change now. 2018 is a lot more stable, the view port 2.0 works so smoothly compared to 2017. The new modelling short cuts makes it feel like Max or C4D which has been great for me, but can see it speeding up anyone's workflow. But its the changes to UV`s in this that stands out. So much better than previous versions. For me the last great version of Maya was 2015 and although this version fixes a lot for me there is very little in "new" features. 2018 really should be called "Fix for 2017" but apart from that happy with the release.
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