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Nilla I'm only up to watching Shadow Linking tute, so if you covered it somehwere in Lighting Tute or HDR Glass tute ignore this. But curious if there is anyway to do reflection linking for the spotlights. I get ugly hotspots on my glass table and the shiny Parquet flooring in my House WIP from most angles, can I make the spots light a scene give shiny highlights on some surfaces like the wine glasses but not on others?

I've spent the last day or so playing with Wood textures for my table and Parquet floor as that odd spot in one of my glasses still eludes me- and gave me the #$!%'s So I took a break from Glass and lights. I dont need that mesh anywhere, just thought it presented a problem I'd better learn how to deal with.... The artifact goes if I move the camera further away and it seems to be a refraction of 35 degrees or so (played with moving a bright yellow plane around my scene), what I dont get is if it's a mere refraction why it has such jagged edges?
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