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Practice makes perfect 3dStudent That's why we believe in project based training. Remember to press F1 for the Maya help files when you get stuck looking for specifics like trace depth, getting into the habit of searching these when you're stuck for small things will save you so much time when you're learning Maya. I spent hours searching for things in the interface before Dave told me to learn how to use the help files instead, I just didn't think about it.

I also think you're doing really well, I was cleaning up my scene files yesterday and I found something called "My First Glass" I tell you it was very scary Dave tricked me into learning Maya only because I like to draw and I broke a lot of stuff along the way because it was so frustrating. Also I used to show him my renders and he'd just say "hmmm well, well" and I'd get so angry so it's not always easy. It took me a year to get something I was truly happy with, and remember it goes in bursts suddenly things just come together for you.

For loosing your scenes it's terrible when that happens, I'm bad at saving and I've lost some of my best work this way that I've not been able to recreate. One thing you can do, at least in Maya 2011, is to turn on autosave where Maya will automatically save your scene every so often. You get a lot of unneccessary scenes building up on your harddrive when you use it so you need to go in and delete stuff from time to time but it does prevent you from loosing your work and having to start from scratch.
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