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Default New Simply Maya Site

Hi everyone,

We have completed the new Simply Maya site and in order for us to be able to integrate the old and new database we will take the site off-line for a few hours some time over the next 24 hours. So I just wanted to give you a warning

The new site is great, we're really happy with the way the design came out and all the new features we've added. The community will have a lot more space on this site and we intend to make it a fresh start for Simply Maya so me and David hope you'll all be around and still make this the best Maya community online.

In case anyone's worried the site will keep it's identity, we decided to move away from the Simply3DWorld concept that was mentioned a few years back. We believe that there's plenty of sites for multiple apps and one of the unique features is that this is a clean Maya site so that's how it will stay in the future as well.

Thanks for all the help and understanding,
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