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Originally Posted by Chirone View Post
the text also looks like it'll be too small to read. On an iphone 4 it will be easy, not so convinced for the lesser versions
I was worried about that as well, so I tried it at the lower resolution first and then the higher one. It didn't really make any difference since it's a straight, not anti-aliased font. It is probably too small anyway though. I can read it fine but then I have fairly good eye sight.


Thanks, I think you're right about the logos, I never thought about a web. There has to be some kind of joke I can get there about the spider (bot) coming from the (world wide) web....

I definitely find making small things like this hard. It's hard to make it interesting without making it too busy.

I started with level 0, but do you think the next level should be level 1 or level 2? I just thought if I changed it to level 2 it might highlight the joke, rather than looking like something accidental.

Updates (that I can't really post in picture form) include wandering menu spiders and a moving bus.

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