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Placing File Texture on one face of Poly, entirely.
Hey everyone.

Texturing's not really my strong suit and I just spent an hour on the trial-and-undo method but haven't quite figured it out yet. Hopefully someone can help me as this should be a simple and common issue.

So I have a Polygon sphere and I'd like to place an image onto one of the faces that make up the sphere. I don't want it stretched over the entire sphere, and I don't want it tiled over the whole thing either.

My problem is, when I apply my material to just an individual face, all I see is the portion of the image that would be displayed there if that image were in fact mapped to the entire sphere. Good that it's only on the face I want, bad that it's not showing the entire image on that face.

I've been playing with create texture, file, as projection, etc. but still don't have it right. Ideally, I hope the solution is repeatable for other faces on the sphere as my my final goal is to put a different image on each face.

Hopefully I've explained this thoroughly enough. Please ask if any clarification would help.

Thanks for viewing, any help would be great!
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