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Sound conflict in Maya 8.5


( sorry for my grammar, my english is not perfect )

hope someone could help me. I know other people that have the same problem, and they don't have the same specs.

I've got a very simple animation scene. I imported a .wav sound ( PCM) in my timeline. When I've played it the first time, all went well, the animation was smooth and the sound worked.

But for the second play, or at the third ( it seems random)..., or if I point a specific frame in the timeline, it seems that i have a sound conflict with a graphic component or something when i tried to play the sequence. The sound worked great again, but the animation jerked.

If i turn the sound off, all goes well as expected.

Is this can be only a driver problem? Or the Maya version?
Help me please, it's very annoying and it's very hard to work like this, i've got a lot of lipsynch to do.


Specs: OS Windows XP
Soundblaster Soundcard
NVidia Quadro FX 1500 video card


Or does anyone know if the
Autodesk Maya 8.5 Service Pack 1
Published date: 2007-06-11
ID: DL9627807

could solve the problem?


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