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Setting Grid to show Inches 1/1000th

I know how to set Maya's working Units to Inches but I cannot set the grid to match? The default setting for me shows:

Length and width: 100 units
Grid lines every: 5 units
Subdivisions: 5

I want each grid space to show 1/1000th of a inch. I'm trying to recreate a blue print given to me. My client wants me to recreate the 2d drawing in 3d. I"m familiar with modeling assets for games but I'm not used to working within such precise dimensions. For games you can always scale thing up and down until they look right. If your trying to 3D print something you can't do this!

When you set Maya to inches why the Grid settings can't accommodate the change is silly. It changes the grid to 1x1 inch squares but your still left guessing. I'm a bit lost and unsure how to precede from here.