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...I've never felt more like a stoner, then i did when i read that Jay..><
I'm....I'm going to cry now....
<----runs away sobbing pathetically.

Nah, in all seriousness... I'll be glad when I'm not all doped up from the failed attempts at pissing gravel....Hate the way it feels....the drugs and the gravel pissing!.....

Jay, bro, i got it, fly me over to the UK this weekend, and take me out drinking somewhere....I'm sure to piss the rocks out then, right?!...

It's getting bad, i haven't worked my day job in two weeks, i'ma have a 0$ pay check next Friday....Bah!..

Model is looking good, aside form some form of red round growth on the side of his head....looks like he went to France circa 1942 or something? Heh.

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