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Necklace simulation: animated character doesn't turn into passive rigid body

I have a necklace rig built up using pin constraints.
If I hit play, it animates well. It even animates well if I only use a still .obj character.

BUT my character is already finished and animated
if I now want to add the necklace, turn the animated character into a passive rigid body, I get error message (// Error: line 0: ). I get this when I want to turn her into passive body.
So she doesn't become a passive rigid body at all, and necklace goes through the body.

I tried baking the animation out as Point Oven mdd, in this case I can turn the character into a passive rigid body, but the dynamics solver doesn't count the mdd deformations into account, it acts as if character stays still.

what am I doing wrong?
what is the best practice to add a necklace pin-constraint dynamics to an already animated character?
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