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So, between school finals, moving to a different apartment complex, the possibility of a major Earthquake, and more, the possibility of a cloud of radiation descending over California, not to mention leaving LA in a week on the 26th for a week, I haven't gotten any chance to work on this.
I'm still going to try- but as it stands, I may not finish. Depending on how my homework for finals go this week, I may get to work some more on it. And I may get to work on it between the 26th and whenever this ends. We'll see- no promises. This challenge couldn't have been in a worse month, haha.
Ah, this sucks- I really did want to do this challenge....
But if next month has an awesome challenge, it'll be a new school quarter, and I'll have very little work for a while. So, it would be lovely to have another challenge similar to this (i.e. modeling.)
Ah, I'll keep on a lookout next month.
Until then, I may work on this here and there if I get fed up with my finals- but again, no promises.

I'm gonna go cry in the bathroom, haha.
(not really, but I am disappointed.)
(I mean, who cries in the bathroom)
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